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Culilux scharfe Küchenmesser magnetischer Messeblock Schneidebretter Schleifsteine
Culilux Logo

A Little Luxury in your Kitchen.

Our mission: to make cooking fun for everyone.
With affordable products in premium quality, that turn working in the
kitchen into an enjoyable experience.

scharfe Messer Culilux Kobe Serie Kochmesser Santoku

KOBE Series
Knives in perfektion

Discover the Culilux® KOBE Series, the best cutting knives in their class with the best value for money.

AMZ Store Walnuss Messerblock Imagefoto.jpg

GOURMET Walnut Knife Holder
Stylish knife storage

Keep your knives conveniently and safely stored with the Culilux® GOURMET Walnut Knife Holder.
Elegant, space-saving and organized

Holzbrett Culilux Gourmet Akazienholz Schneidebrett Stirnholz Hirnholz Saftrille Steak Küche


GOURMET Acacia Cutting Boards
High-quality cutting boards for your kitchen

The Culilux® GOURMET Acacia Cutting Boards are the perfect complement to sharp knives. Double-sided, versatile and particularly gentle on knife blades.

Messerschärfer Wetzstein Culilux Pro Schleifsteine Set zum Schärfen von Messern

PRO Whetstone Set
Professional sharpening stones for sharpening your knives

Sharpen your knives at the highest level with the Culilux® PRO Whetstone Set, ideal for beginners and professionals.

How can we manage to offer our high-quality products at such affordable prices?
We have used our years of experience to have our our products manufactured to our specifications by the most efficient producers in Asia. Additionally, we are passing on the cost savings from our lean organisation and exclusive direct-to-consumer marketing without intermediaries to our customers.

We take pride in having created a system of products that ensures lasting fun in cutting, thus making kitchen work a pleasure, a little luxury that one willingly indulges in.

Culilux Logo Küchenmesser Messerblock Schneidebrett Schleifsteine

A Little Luxury in your Kitchen.

Culilux Küchenmesser Schneidebretter Messerblock Schleifsteine

The Culilux brand and its founder.

Culilux Service Küchenmesser Schneidebretter Messerblock Schleifsteine

Detailed information on the use, cleaning and maintenance of our products.


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