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Our GOURMET Walnut Knife Holder – neat, safe and stylish.

Messeblock Walnuss Header Culilux Website .jpg


The most practical and decorative way of storing knives.

Knives should be stored safely and hygienically, the blades must not be damaged and the cutting edge must not wear out through storage. Every knife should always be ready to hand and ideally you should be able to tell immediately which knife you need. And of course you enjoy your beautiful knives even more if they are stored stylishly and elegantly in the kitchen and presented immediately. Our culilux® GOURMET acacia knife block meets all of these requirements.

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Under the decorative acacia wood surface the magnetic knife block consists of a core of pine wood, in which 3 rows of strong magnets are embedded on both sides. Therefore it is possible to fix knives on both sides of the knife block.

AMZ Walnuss Messerblock kompakt.jpg


With a depth of just 10 cm, the block can be stored against the wall in a kitchen unit. This leaves plenty of space to work on the worktop. With a kitchen island, the knife block can be placed in the middle, leaving plenty of space on both sides.

AMZ A+ Walnuss Messeblock extra groß.jpg


The largest magnetic knife block on the market with a length of 33 cm and a height of 25 cm. The block can therefore hold up to 14 blades with a blade length of up to 25 cm.

AMZ A+ Walnuss Messerblock universell.jpg


With a classic knife block, the length and shape of the slots determine which knives fit in. Our magnetic block can hold any magnetic steel utensil up to 25 cm long, no matter the shape or size.

Culilux Messerblock attraktive und edle Verarbeitung


The block is veneered with fine acacia wood on the outside and mounted on a high-quality stainless steel plate. So it is not only an eye-catcher in every kitchen, but also puts your knives in the limelight.

AMZ Walnuss Holzmaserung.jpg


Wood is a natural product that impresses with its uniqueness. Small irregularities in the wood are part of it. So every product is unique. Only wood from certified sustainable cultivation is used for the blocks.

AMZ A+ Walnuss Messerblock hygienisch.jpg


The blades are stored openly on the acacia wood board by magnets and are not sunk into inaccessible slots like in a classic knife block. The knives are thus kept absolutely clean and hygienic.

AMZ Walnuss Messerblock schonend.jpg


The knives adhere to the wooden board in such a way that the cutting edge has no contact and is therefore not subject to wear or the risk of damage when putting it down or picking it up.

AMZ A+ Walnuss Messerblock stabil.jpg


With a weight of 3.7 kg, the block sits stably on the worktop. Seven rubber feet ensure a secure footing. The knives can be removed easily and safely, either by pulling them upwards or by turning the blade slightly and pulling it forwards.


AMZ A+ Walnuss Messerblock Haftkraft.jpg


The magnets are designed in such a way that the knives can be safely removed without the block tipping over and the knives are held securely and securely. For physical reasons, the block is not suitable for small knives with a heavy handle or knives where a large part of the blade consists of non-magnetic material.

AMZ Walnuss Messerblock lagern.jpg


Avoid damp places, sun and near the heater. As wood works, large fluctuations in temperature and humidity can cause unsightly cracks in the wood, but these do not affect functionality.

AMZ Walnuss Messerblock frontal.jpg


The block can be cleaned by simply wiping with a damp cloth. To prevent cracks due to wood that is too dry, it is recommended to oil the block from time to time. ​

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