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The knife-o-pedia is probably the most comprehensive online collection of knowledge about kitchen knives. This includes everything you ever wanted to know about knives.


Kitchen knives are very trendy today. In the last two decades, private users have become aware of the advantages of a sharp knife. Meanwhile, cooks all over the world have learned to appreciate that the "annoying" cutting can be fun with a sharp knife. This is how high-quality kitchen knives now get the appreciation they deserve.


Due to the sharp increase in demand, there is now an extremely large supply. How do you choose a good knife from this huge range, and also one that is worth the price? This is not so easy, as knives are much more complex than they appear and little of what makes a good knife visible from the outside.

That is why the first goal of our knife-o-pedia is to give the reader an understanding of what makes a good knife so that they can make a conscious purchase decision. And another goal is to make sure you enjoy using the knives. The key to this lies not only in keeping the knives sharp, but also in proper care and storage, and in the selection of suitable cutting boards. That is why we have dedicated separate chapters to the topics of sharpening and knife accessories.

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