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Culilux die Marke für scharfe Messer


Japanischer Sushi Koch mit japanischen Messern


The idea for Culilux originated during our time in Japan. There, we discovered that kitchen knives could reach a level of sharpness far beyond what is considered sharp in a Western kitchen. With such knives, cutting didn't have to be a necessary evil, but could turn cooking into fun instead.

By now, there is a wide range of excellent and sharp Japanese knives available, but due to their high prices, only a few consumers can afford them. Thus, the experience of true sharpness remains reserved for too small a circle of enthusiasts. We wanted to change that.

Die Marke Culilux a little luxury in your kitchen

A Little Luxury in your Kitchen.


In 2021, we founded Culilux – the brand for affordable luxury in culinary tools. With that, we took the first step towards putting our mission in action.


With our extensive experience, know-how and passion for high quality kitchenware, we embarked on the journey of developing our own products. In a first step, our focus was on high quality kitchen knives with the highest level of sharpness, but at affordable prices, so that a broad range of consumers could get a taste of it.

scharfe Küchenmesser Culilux Kobe Messerserie


A whole year went into product development and testing of our knives. At the beginning of 2022, the search for the perfect knife yielded a more than satisfactory result - the Culilux® KOBE Series.

This is what makes the knives of our KOBE Series so special ...


The next logical step was to offer matching accessories for our kitchen knives, with a level of functionality, quality and aesthetics to guarantee that the pleasure of cutting with sharp knife could be enjoyed for a long period of time.

Culilux® GOURMET Acacia Knife Holder: an attractive knife block made from acacia wood, to keep the knives readily accessible, securely stored and stylishly presented in the kitchen.

Culilux® GOURMET Acacia Cutting Board: ein a high-quality cutting board made from end-grain acacia wood that not only looks great, but also provides a smooth surface for the knife that is gentle on the edge, so that the knives stay sharp longer.

Culilux® PRO Whetstone Set: a set with sharpening stones and accessories, designed to easily and efficiently maintain and sharpen the knives, based on the insight that with use and wear, the edge of any knife will eventually become blunt.

AMZ Store Walnuss Messerblock Imagefoto.jpg
Culilux Schneidebrett aus Holz mit Saftrille und Steak
Culilux Profi Schleifsteine Set zum Schärfen von Messern


Michael Gordner has dedicated his entire professional life to the kitchenware industry. In the first twelve years, he traveled internationally, promoting cookware from a global market leader in the premium segment.

Later he assumed leadership of the Japanese subsidiary of the world's leading manufacturer of premium kitchen knives. It was during this time in Japan that knives became his passion, and he became an expert in this field, not least due to acquiring a knife factory, developing new technologies and knife steels, and creating a new brand, which is now one of the world's leading brand for Japanese knives.

After 13 years in Japan he returned to the company's headquarters in Germany, where he, among other things, took on the role of heading product management and product development for all brands and products of the manufacturer.

In 2021 he founded his own company and began developing and marketing products under his own brand, Culilux.

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