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The Messerforum-Edition of the culilux® KOBE Series:

A limited edition for the members and readers of the German knife forum Based on the feedback in the forum, we have given the knife a more subtle design and added a micro bevel on the cutting edge.

Applied on the very narrow primary bevel of 10° per side, the micro bevel at an angle of 15-20° adds stability to the edge and helps to keep the extreme sharpness of the edge for a longer period of time.


Swedish premium steel:

The Swedish 14C28N high carbon stainless steel with its super-fine microstructure has been specially developed for cutlery and razors and is hardened to a hardness of 61-63 HRC, using a proprietary vacuum heat treatment, followed by the CRYOMAX treatment in liquid nitrogen at -196°C (-321°F). The steel formula also includes Nitrogen to enhance hardness as well as corrosion resistance. The result is a blade that can hold an extreme sharpness for a long period of time, but at the same time is tough and very resistant to staining.


Perfection guaranteed:

We have paid special attention to the fit & finish of the blade, with a smooth transition from blade to the handle and rounded and polished edges. The knife is well balanced and allows for fatigue- and pain-free cutting even in long prep sessions in commercial kitchens.


NEW: G10 handle

The handles are now made of G10, a material consisting of layers of fibreglass. It's substantially more resistant than plastic or wood and absolutely dimensionally stable, so that the metal parts in the handle can no longer protrude.


The small allrounder:

This small knife (Petty, derived from the French word for small “petit”) meets the highest demands of professionals and hobby chefs alike. It’s perfectly suited for cutting, peeling and preparing smaller vegetables, herbs or fruits and an excellent choice for people who prefer working with smaller knives. Packed in an attractive gift box, it makes a perfect present.

KOBE Messerforum Edition Petty Knife 5" / 13 cm

€49.99 Regular Price
€44.99Sale Price
Sales Tax Included

    • Item number: KNP013F
    • EAN: 8720648178122
    • Material blade: 14C28N swedish steel
    • Material Handle: G10
    • Blade hardness: 61-63 HRC
    • Edge angle: 9-11°
    • Handle color: Black / grey



    • Net weight: 90 g
    • Packaging: 30 x 8.2 x 3.3 cm
    • Blade length: 13 cm
    • Handle length: 10.7 cm
    • Handle width: 2.0 cm
    • Gross weight: 250 g
    • Product length: 25 cm
    • Blade height: 3,1 cm
    • Handle height: 2.0 cm
    • Blade thickness: 1.9 mm
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