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· FOR THE HIGHEST DEMANDS: complete 8-pcs whetstone set for sharpening on professional level. With XL sized whetstones in 3 grits – 400 for fast abrasion, 1000 for regular sharpening and 6000 for edge refinement, and a reversible leather stropping block for polishing and deburring of the edge. With sharpening base and silicon non-slip frame, angle guide for holding a steady sharpening angle and a cleaning stone.


· SHARPENS FASTER & LASTS LONGER: the innovative CST production process (Cold Sintering Technology) and the innovative material formula not only increase density and reduce porosity of the stone, but are also sustainable due to a significant reduction in energy consumption in production. The higher density of abrasive particles along with the XL format of 8 x 3” (20 x 7 cm) allows quick and easy sharpening on the same level than high-grade Japanese whetstones.


· SPLASH & GO and EXTRA DURABLE: due to the reduced porosity, the stones absorb less water. So they only need a short soak in water or a little water sprinkled on the stone and the are ready to go. The increased density of the stone reduces the time needed to sharpen a blade and subsequently not only reduces its wear, but also dishing of the stones. This leads to an increased service life and makes sharpening easier.


· FOR SAFE AND STABLE SHARPENING: most sharpening stones are double-sided. As such, they dish on both sides and wobble, which makes sharpening more difficult and worsens the sharpening result. Our stones are single-sided and mounted on glass plates, so that they sit flat and never wobble. As a result, one can always sharpen safely with maximum speed and power.


· FOR RAZOR LIKE SHARPNESS: the double-sided leather stropping block perfectly polishes and deburrs the blade for a mirror-finish and razor-sharp cutting edge, smoother and sharper than sharpening on whetstones with grits of 8000 or higher. In addition, the stropping block is ideal for restoring the sharpness of a slightly dull blade.


· FOR ALL BLADES & NOT ONLY FOR PROFESSIONALS: perfect for sharpening of all metal cutting tools with a straight, non-serrated cutting edge: kitchen knives, outdoor knives, hunting knives, straight razors, woodworking or gardening knives. Also ideal for beginners: the faster sharpening speed and fast formation of a pronounced burr make it easy to learn whetstone sharpening.


· AN IDEAL GIFT: comes in an attractive gift box and with a detailed instruction manual in German and English. An ideal gift for lovers of sharp blades.

PRO 8 pcs Whetstone Set

SKU: WSP0416
€79.99 Regular Price
€69.99Sale Price
Sales Tax Included

    • Item number: WSP0416
    • EAN: 8720648178009
    • Material sharpening stones: corundum (Al2O3) on glass
    • Material stropping block: Cowhide / Bamboo
    • Material sharpening base and angle guide: ABS
    • Material cleaning stone: ABS / diamond-coated metal
    • Material non-slip frame: silicone


    • Weight gross: 2220 G
    • Packaging: 25.4 x 12.3 x 15.5 cm
    • Grindstones: 20 x 7 x 1.9 cm
    • Stropping block: 20 x 7 x 2.3 cm
    • Weight sharpening stones: approx. 500g
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