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The Messerforum Edition has arrived!

Dear knife fans, good news! The airfreight shipment of the Messerforum Edition has arrived. We are currently in the midst of quality control and micro-bevelling. A first lot will be available as of Saturday, Dec. 17, and the entire shipment as of Monday, Dec. 21.

The big question now is how many orders we will receive. The total quantity ordered from the supplier (by air and sea-freight) will be enough to fulfil all "availability requests". However, since we have received quite a lot of new inquiries within the past few weeks, the quantity received by air may not suffice.

Since our shop-system will accept orders on a "first come, first serve" basis only, we can't control the allocation of products. Thus we rely on the "ordering discipline" of the forum members and readers. Here we suggest the following procedure:

On Thursday, Dec. 15 on 09:00, we will update the inventory with the quantity available for shipment on Dec. 17. This will trigger the sending of an availability notification by email and the products can be ordered.

Since shipments that have been dispatched by Dec. 17 should arrive (within Germany) in time for Christmas, the first wave of orders should be from those who would like to have the knives as a Christmas present.

On Dec. 18, we will update the inventory with additional quantities for shipment on Dec. 19. Here we would like to serve those that participated in the initial round of request earlier this year and that don't necessarily need their knives before Christmas.

From Dec. 20, all available quantities are free to be ordered by anyone. We thank you for your patience and trust that it was worth waiting! Your CULILUX Team

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