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Knife Holder
What you should know about magnetic knife holders.

Magnetism is just physics

The knives are attached to the holder by magnetic force. If the magnets are too strong, the blades will adhere too strongly and can’t be safely removed from the holder. If they are too weak, the knives will not be kept in place and may slip. We have tried to find the best possible compromise, where almost all blades can be held safely, but also removed quite easily.


However in some cases the blades won’t adhere to the block:

  • Knives with a small, short or narrow blade and a heavy handle, where the surface of the blade in relation to the weight of the handle is insufficient for being held by the magnets.

  • Knives, where only the edge or parts of the blade are made of knife steel, and the rest of the blade is made of non-magnetic steel.

  • Of course, ceramic knives and knives made of non-magnetic steel. 


If your knives can’t be safely attached to our magnetic knife holder, it’s not a product defect, but just physics. Your knives are then not suitable for being stored on an upright magnetic knife holder. In this case you can return the product and you will be reimbursed fully.


Magnetic knife holders consist of several parts

The double-sided use and the invisible integration of the magnets require a construction with a core made of pine wood that holds the magnets, and a veneer of high-grade Acacia wood on the outside. Since wood reacts to temperature and humidity, cracks in the wood may occur or in rare cases the veneer may detach from the core. If that should happen, please contact us. We will solve the problem for you.


Wood is a natural product

Your culilux® GOURMET Acacia Knife Holder has undergone a strict quality inspection prior to shipment. But wood is a natural product and its uniqueness an important part of its appeal. Smaller irregularities in the wood are a part of that and therefore normal.

How to use the magnetic knife holder 


  • Move the blade to the holder with the back/spine of the blade first and let the magnets pull the blade to the board.

  • NEVER put the blade on the knife holder with the edge first, as this could damage the edge of the knife and lead to scratches on the wood.


  • Grab the handle of the knife and turn the blade so that the back/spine of the blade remains on the holder and the edge detaches from it. (see pict. 1)

  • Remove the blade from the holder by pulling it forward. (see pict. 2)


Alternatively the knife can be removed by pulling it upwards perpendicularly.

IMPORTANT: As long as the entire blade still adheres to the holder, a knife can not and must not be taken off by pulling the knife forward since this will cause the knife holder to tip over!

Zeichnung Messer Block Entnahme 1.jpg

Bild 1

Zeichnung Messer Block Entnahme 2.jpg

Bild 2

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