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CULILUX Outlet Sale – August 26 - September 10, 2023

Dear knife fans,

it's SALE time again. We clear our stock of products that have not passed our strict quality control.


All products are in new or original condition, fully packaged and fully functional.

For knives: steel, heat treatment, sharpness and blade geometry as well as the general workmanship are identical to our A-grade products.


Offers in 3 categories:

2A goods: 40% discount

2B goods: 50% discount

Top offers as product bundles in 2A and 2B: 50-64% discount

(The discount refers to the respective list prices of the products.)

Please understand that for eventual return shipment of 2A or 2B products, we can only offer the legal right of order cancellation for online-orders. The customer has to bear the shipping cost of the return shipment.

Since the price of the product is reduced due to defects of some sort, requests for product repair or exchange can not be accepted.

Your CULILUX team

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